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Vegas Acro Cup

SXL at the Vegas Acro Cup

The SXL team were delighted to take part in the 3rd Vegas Acro cup. For many teams, this was their first international competition together and all the groups performed strong routines and learnt a lot from the experience.

The competition featured over 1,000 gymnast from 18 countries and 4 continents. The gymnasts and parents appreciated the  opportunity to watch the Acro World Cup, cheer on the Australian Women’s pair and our particular favourites the Chinese men’s four

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  • 11-16 Women’s Trio: Jess, Stella and Grace made finals and placed 6th overall
  • 11-16 Women’s Pair: Lauren and Danyel made finals and placed 6th overall
  • 11-16 Women’s Pair: Olivia and Samantha performed two great routines as audience favourites.
  • 11-16 category: SXL won the Team Award!!!!
  • 12-18 Women’s Pair: Shennei and Bella made finals and placed 4th overall
  • 12-18 Women’s Trio: Hayley Kaitlyn and Lily a stunning balance routine , just missing out on the finals
  • 12-18 Women’s Trio: Clara, Phoebe and Elizabeth showing some stunning artistry in their routines
  • 13-19 Women’s Trio: Cassie, Frances and Alex made finals and placed 5th overall