SXL Athletes


International athletes

Pairs & Trios

age  divisions
11-16,  12-18,  13-19

20 +

hours training

About the SXL International Squad

  • 21 young women from ages 10 through to 17: Year 6 to Year 12
  • Teamed in pairs and trios in age  divisions
  • This is the elite level of SXL gymnasts
  • All athletes typically start gymnastics from early ages
  • One of 4 competition squads run by SXL, with a combined total of over 100 athletes

What it takes to be an International Squad SXL Athlete

  • 20+ Hours training
    • Base Training 4 sessions per week
    • +  Auxiliary Training: Dance, Choreography, Ballet plus additional specialised sessions
    • +  Guest International coaches from time to time
    • +  Physical fitness and strength, dietary focus
  • All while balancing busy school and study lives
  • Significant sacrifices for these young women and their families


  • Domestic: NSW State level, National Championships, National Clubs 
  • Overseas: World Age Group Championships , Las Vegas Acro Cup, Flanders International Acro Cup
  • The Team needs to travel with coaches  and judges and usually their parents to support from the sidelines


It’s not only about being a great gymnast, but life lessons as well:

  • Experience, Responsibility, Trust, Teamwork, Dedication 
  • Hard work ethic, Diligence, Focus, Adaptability
  • Goal setting: to achieve and strive to be their best, to aim for outcomes and set targets
  • Strong and lasting friendships amongst team, club and all competitors local and abroad


NSW State Team representatives

1,000 +

enrolled gymnasts


times – NSW Club of the year


routine –static holds and pyramids




throws, catches somersaults and twists

Family Support

  • Importantly, this International level sport, at this point in time, is self-funded
  • High cost items  include training sessions, travel, accommodation, event registration, leotards
  • Auxiliary costs include: choreography, music editing, physiotherapy, transport to training even with car-pooling, chaperoning costs, subsidising coaches travel costs – it all adds up
  • The other major impact on families is time – but we do so for the benefits the sport brings to our girls.