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Proud of our girls

We Australian’s have become very popular here in Antwerp. The locals have credited us with bringing some magnificent Spring weather. And on this warm and sunny Sunday both SXL 12-18 teams performing in the Acrobatic World Age Championships made us very proud.

In the morning Antonia and Nicole (known affectionately as the ‘Kidman Sisters’) showed just how tough gymnasts can be! Competing in Woman’s Pairs, Antonia landed awkwardly on her right ankle half-way through their balance routine, but continued without missing a beat with few in the audience aware of what had happened until the performance was complete. It may not have been their highest score, but it was certainly their bravest performance!

Antonia was taken to hospital for x-rays but cleared of any break and was back at the Sports Centre in the afternoon to cheer her teammates. (No decision has been taken on whether Antonia & Nicole will be able to perform their dynamic routine tomorrow.)

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Katie, Frances & Alex performed their dynamic routine in the Woman’s Groups division in the afternoon and put together a terrific performance. The quality of the competition is fierce (as Dorothy might say, ‘we are not in Bendigo anymore Toto’), but our girls showed that Australia is not too far off the pace. In fact, several Australian teams in 12-18 and 13-19 are on track to compete in finals which will continue to lift the standard of Australian Acrobatic Gymnastics.

Well done to all on a terrific day.

P.S. Back in Australia we have all been enjoying the live-streaming, could not be prouder of these Australian representatives and everyone sends their love and best wishes to Antonia

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