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Priya, Phoebe, Elizabeth 11-16 WG

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  1. Best of luck trio! Through all the ups and downs you are finally ready to compete for your country! Enjoy the expierence and have fun out there. Ill be thinking of you all and look forward to hearing all about it. So proud of all you guys have achieved 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Amy! We are so grateful for all the help you have given us to help us to achieve what we have! So proud and honoured to have this opportunity. Priya, Phoebe and Buffy XX

  2. Good Luck Priya, Phoebe & Buffy!!!!
    We are super excited to see you compete.
    All your hard work has paid off – have a brilliant time!
    Sav, Greg & Stella xx

    1. Thank you Savannah!! We are very excited as well, thank you for the support! Priya, Phoebe and Buffy XX

  3. Priya, Phoebe and Buffy
    What an achievement to be representing Australia
    Enjoy the moment & best of luck
    Wendy, Ed, Madi, Lizzy & Noo xx

    1. Thank you Wendy, your message means a lot! We are very excited to have this opportunity! Priya, Phoebe and Buffy XX

  4. Pray, so proud of you for doing so well in your chosen speciality.

    1. Thank you so much Margaret! Priya, Phoebe & Buffy XX

  5. Good job guys

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