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NSW Senior State Championships 2019

NSW State 2019

Great success for the SXL team from the International and National squads at Senior State with 7 gold, 11 silver,  6 bronze and  3 overall State champions. SXL will have  10 groups representing NSW  at the Australian National Gymnastics championships in Melbourne –  we wish them every success

Overall Results

NSW State Champions

13-19  Women’s Trio: Cassie, Frances and Alex

11-16 Women’s Trio: Jess, Stella and Grace

L6 Women’s Trio Millie, Mia and Gabriella


12-18 Women’s Pair: Shennei and Bella

11-16 Women’s Pair: Lauren and Danyel

L7 Women’s Trio Zahra, Kate and Annabelle


12-18  Women’s Trio:  Clara, Phoebe and Elizabeth

11-16 Women’s Pair: Olivia and Samantha

L6 Women’s Trio Mia, Anna and Grace

Additional NSW State team representatives

12-18  Women’s Trio:  Nicole, Priya and Teisha

12-18  Women’s Trio:  Hayley, Kaitlyn and Lily