Teisha Jang

Teisha Jang

Hi, I’m Teisha and I’m 13 years old. I began acrobatic gymnastics when I was 6 and was inspired by my cousins Madi and Nicole. I started off in the “pink class” and slowly worked my way up to where I now sit in the international squad. Along the way, I’ve competed in various competitions. The first of which we all do; Level 1 and then Nationals and overseas competitions. Some of these competitions include: Australian Nationals Championships, Flanders International Acro Cup (2018) and Las Vegas Acro Cup (2017).

I really love this sport because we get to train in either a pair or trio. You work really closely with your group and get to know each other really well. At competitions, it’s always comforting to feel the support of the other gymnasts and their families. …’go trio!’

I am really privileged to have had all these amazing experiences and opportunities like travelling the world and representing SXL and Australia. Even though it takes days of hard work and many sacrifices, you know it’s all worth it when you get onto the competition floor.

As it gets closer to 2020, I look forward to all the memories I get to make and opportunities I get to experience with my partners, Priya and Nicole!

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