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Lauren & Danyel 11-16 WP

We started as a pair in February 2018 where we competed as an 8 -14 women’s pair. After placing second at state, we moved on to becoming an 11-16 women’s pair for the upcoming competition season in February 2019. So far this year we have competed at a state trial placing 3rd and at the NSW State championships placing 2nd, not to mention the Vegas Acro Cup.

Competing in Vegas was our first international competition and a great experience. We were thrilled to make it to the finals and place 6th! We look forward to keep improving, having fun and competing and many more comps together and hopefully represent our country one day. Thanks for all your help and support!!

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I really enjoy flying in the air and going upside down!


Although there have been many ups and downs, injuries and successes, I love this sport so much