Cassie Palombo

Cassie Palombo

As an acrobat I have been competing for 10 years, competed at a National level 5 times and at an international level 3 times, with the opportunity to represent Australia at the Flanders International Acro Cup in Belgium and compete internationally at the Las Vegas Acro Cup in America. I love this sport and the excitement of travelling overseas with my friends, the thrill of being able to do things I didn’t think was possible and the unforgettable experiences I have had doing this sport.

Having done acro for so long, I am so grateful to be involved in this team sport and to be supported by my family, coaches and friends, but also to share my achievements with other gymnasts, celebrate and work hard alongside each other.

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  1. Good luck Cass, proud of you, bring home a medal for Australia!

    1. Thanks Matt! I will try my best, but what about a medal from Nationals? -Cassie

  2. Go Cassie! I am continually in awe of all your achievements. Your dedication, hard work and refusal to accept second best are inspiring.

  3. Good luck Cassie. We are all cheering for you! All the hard work has led to you representing Australia and we know you will be brilliant! Jen, David, Matt and Jess. Go trio!!

  4. We are so proud of you Cassie and can’t wait to catch up with you. We will be cheering you tomorrow. Good luck to all three of you.
    Love you lots
    Nanny and Grandad

  5. Good luck at internationals!!!!!! You got this!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to do your homework!

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