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Competition day 1 FIAC 2018

aus team FIAC 2018

Today both trios stepped out onto the world stage and did so with confidence and maturity. In a huge field of 41  trios the 11- 16 women’s groups both did crisp, clean balance routines and their choreography stood out from the crowd earning them good artistry scores. Cassie, Clara and Teisha are sitting in 18th place with a score of 25.80. Priya, Phoebe and Elizabeth are currently 23rd scoring 25.45.  They return to the competition tomorrow for their dynamic routines.

Later in the day was the opportunity to watch the World Cup competition, such a privilege to enjoy this high level of gymnastics, we were thrilled and entertained by the men’s fours then enchanted by the artistry and skill of the mixed pairs

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