Elizabeth Hutton

Elizabeth Hutton

My name is Elizabeth Hutton however I am known as “Buffy”. I am 12 years old and currently in year 7. I have been competing in acrobatics gymnastics since 2015 which makes this year my 4th. I started my journey at SXL coming from artistic gymnastics which I had been doing for several years. I did artistic gymnastics in year 1 however the multiple disciplines were too demanding as I was only 7 years old. In year 2, I decided to do dance but always wanted to return to gymnastics. I wanted to do something that was only on the floor as that was my favourite apparatus when I did artistic gymnastics. My mum discovered SXL and I have loved it ever since. I am now in a 12/18 women’s trio with two amazing bases.

With acrobatics, you need to have a lot of trust, strength, flexibility, focus, commitment and especially teamwork. I have always loved competing and before I walk onto the floor I’m nervous, but when I’m out there I know I am meant to be there. At times training is really tough but the hard work pays off and helps us achieve our goals. Like all gymnasts, we have ups and downs however with hard work, determination, effort and sacrifices you make, it can all pay off. Acrobatics gives you a feeling of accomplishment, like when you achieve a goal you have always wanted to achieve, or when you have just walked off the floor and you have done an amazing routine. My goal is to represent my country and go to the Acrobatics World Age Championships in 2020.

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  1. Good luck Buffy. We are so proud of you x The Patos

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