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Clara, Phoebe, Elizabeth 12-18 WG

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We became a trio around July 2018 and had our first competition at the National Clubs Championship held in the Gold Coast where we competed as a level 7 trio. This year, we have competed at both state and international competitions as a 12-18 trio. We flew to Las Vegas in February where we achieved the highest artistry mark in our balance routine, but unfortunately just missing out the on the finals. We came back home to compete at the NSW State Championships, placing 3rd overall. 

The Vegas Acro Cup was our first international competition as a trio and we are continuing to work very hard to achieve our goal of getting selected to represent Australia at the 2020 World Championship.


SXL has also provided me with opportunities to use my skills and give back to the community


It’s also a gateway to many other sports but best of all are the friends I’ve made along the way


With acrobatics, you need to have a lot of trust, strength, flexibility, focus, commitment and especially teamwork.