Nationals Day 1 – L6 trio shine

L6 National Champions

It was podium training for the International Squad this morning. A chance to stretch out after the journey and get a feel of the competition floor.

Our Level 6 trio – Millie, Mia and Gabriella set the standard for the team with Gold in Balance (and an impressive score of 26.450) Gold in Dynamic and Gold overall. Congratulations to the new L6 Australian National Champions.

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Vegas Acro Cup

SXL at the Vegas Acro Cup

The SXL team were delighted to take part in the 3rd Vegas Acro cup. For many teams, this was their first international competition together and all the groups performed strong routines and learnt a lot from the experience.

The competition featured over 1,000 gymnast from 18 countries and 4 continents. The gymnasts and parents appreciated the  opportunity to watch the Acro World Cup, cheer on the Australian Women’s pair and our particular favourites the Chinese men’s four

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Australia on the medal dais


The 2018 World Age Gymnastics Championships wrapped up today with Australia winning its first medal since 2002.

A bronze medal to the 12-18 Woman’s Pair – Daisy Puckeridge and Katie Rose  – was a fantastic result, and while not from SXL, our girls where thrilled that the girls with whom they compete at State and National Championships showed what Australia is capable of on the world stage. Continue reading Australia on the medal dais

Bitter sweet

‍Day six was ‘bitter sweet’ for our SXL competitors with Antonia & Nicole unable to compete, but Katie, Francis and Alex finishing on a high in the 12-18 Woman’s Groups division.

Our SXL trio put together a stellar balance routine with the drama, passion and sass that we have come to expect!

Antonia’s ankle has not recovered and so she and Nicole are watching from the stands. Their voices were louder than most and they can be more than satisfied that the Australian pair they have challenged all season was able to finish in first place – a seriously big deal – and will compete in the finals today! Go Australia! Continue reading Bitter sweet

Day 5 – April 8th

On a beautiful Sunday in Belgium, 12-18 competition commences with our very own pair and trio competing.

Antonia and Nicole are up first with their celebrated balance routine followed by Katie, Francis and Alex with their dynamic extravaganza!

Go girls!

First SXL Team Arrives At World Championships


Our first team of 11-16’s has finally arrived in Antwerp after a long flight on Good Friday. There was much excitement to meet up with the rest of the Aussie contingent at Sydney and Dubai airports.

First on the itinerary was a very important meeting with the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunt, and then it was straight into training.

We can’t for the rest of our team to arrive. Bring on the games!
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Fundraising – Trivia night

sxl trvia night

Our Trivia night at the Freeway Hotel was a great success. Thank you to the over 170 people that attended to support our athletes and have an entertaining evening of trivia, games and gymnastics. Hope that you all learnt something, who knew that Xi Lin was a Hula hoop specialist!!

Thank you to all the local business and families who donated wine, chocolate and a wide range of vouchers from the always need remedial massage to dining at the Sydney Restaurant Group. We are still doing the sums but this has made a great contribution to helping our athletes  achieve their dreams

UPDATE Total from the Trivia night just over $6,000 Thank you so much for your generosity.

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Fundraising – Cake Stall

sxl cake stall

The first of our fundraising events was a cake stall in Chatswood Mall. The gymnasts thrilled the crowds with their skills, performing in 32°C heat.

Thank you to all the SXL parents and gymnasts who baked a very tasty array of cakes and to everyone who stopped by to support the squad, buy a cake, raffle ticket or make a donation.

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Las Vegas Acro Cup

Vegas Acro Cup

As part of their build up to the World Age Championships SXL took a team to the Las Vegas  Acro Cup

Our teams achieved some amazing results:

  • Shennei and Stella (11-16 Women’s Pair) – 1st place achieving GOLD.
  • Nick and Kristen (13-19 Mixed Pair) – 1st place achieving GOLD.
  • Kaitlyn, Hayley and Lily (Level 9 Trio) – 11th place in their first International Competition.

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FIAC 2018 round up

This trip has been a real learning experience for our gymnasts, the different training and competition environment that they adapted to so well and experiencing acrobatics gymnastics at its highest level has been a wonderful experience for them all. Continue reading FIAC 2018 round up

Competition day 2 FIAC 2018

FIAC spectators

After feeling very proud of their results from yesterday’s balance routines, the two trios competed their dynamic routine this morning. The routines were energetic and both groups performed exceptionally well.

The trio of Priya, Phoebe and Elizabeth finished in 20th place overall scoring 50.20 after both routines. Cassie, Clara and Teisha finished in 22nd place overall with a score of 49.95. Both trios are feeling extremely proud of their achievements at this international competition.

Once again, they were able to watch the World Cup and were honoured to be able to view the sport at its highest level.

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Competition day 1 FIAC 2018

aus team FIAC 2018

Today both trios stepped out onto the world stage and did so with confidence and maturity. In a huge field of 41  trios the 11- 16 women’s groups both did crisp, clean balance routines and their choreography stood out from the crowd earning them good artistry scores. Cassie, Clara and Teisha are sitting in 18th place with a score of 25.80. Priya, Phoebe and Elizabeth are currently 23rd scoring 25.45.  They return to the competition tomorrow for their dynamic routines. Continue reading Competition day 1 FIAC 2018