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Stella & Shennei 11-16 WP

Shennei & Stella have been competing together for almost 4 years at 3 State Championships, 2 National Championships and internationally at the Las Vegas Acro Cup in 2017. Two years ago the pair set their sights on the 2018 World Championships. After 2 years of intense training, sweat and sacrifice the pair are thrilled to represent Australia and compete at the upcoming World Championships in Belgium.

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Cassie, Clara, Teisha 11-16 WG

This trio have been working together for over three years now. They were L6 National Champions in 2016 and achieved silver in the 2017 Australian National Championships, International 11-16. The trio competed in the Vegas Acro Cup in 2017 narrowly missing out on a place in the finals. They will be representing Australia at the Flanders International Acro Cup and are also reserve for the World Age Group Championships.

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