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Australia on the medal dais


The 2018 World Age Gymnastics Championships wrapped up today with Australia winning its first medal since 2002.

A bronze medal to the 12-18 Woman’s Pair – Daisy Puckeridge and Katie Rose  – was a fantastic result, and while not from SXL, our girls where thrilled that the girls with whom they compete at State and National Championships showed what Australia is capable of on the world stage.

Russia and the United Kingdom placed first and second, ahead of Australia. These two countries picked up the majority of medals on the day and continue to be powerhouses in the sport. But have no doubt, Australia is on the rise, as our reputation builds with international coaches and judges.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Head of Delegation, Tony Barber and Australian Coach, Xi lin Shen who work closely with our elite gymnasts at the international level, and week-in week-out at SXL.

For those who are aspiring to compete at the international level, the 2020 WAG Championships is in Geneva, is less than two years away!

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