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SXL is one of the leading competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics clubs in Australia. In 2018, 9 athletes were selected to represent Australia at The World Age Group Championships in Antwerp, and 6 athletes to represent Australia at the Flanders International Acro Cup.

The current International Squad of 21 elite athletes are now starting out on their path to international representation with the goal of attending the The 2020 World Age Group Championships in Switzerland.

Following strong performances at the Australian Gymnastics Championships we are delighted to announce that all 8 groups have been named in the Acrobatics National Squad

Acrobatic gymnastics in Australia is 100% self-funded. As you can imagine there are significant costs for travel expenses, qualified coaches, high level facilities, uniforms, leotards and more. We are aiming to raise a minimum of $50,000  in 2019/20 to help the athletes reach their dream.

These young women demonstrate -

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Thank you –  Parents and Coaches of the SXL International Squad.

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